Health Benefits of DMSO

by Dental Marketer SEO on August 29, 2021
Health Benefits of DMSO

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of “DMSO.” Even after many years of research, this compound remains controversial and largely a secret. While the origins of how we discovered DMSO are certainly strange, this compound has an incredible potential for healing power.

DMSO can be taken orally, injected by IV, or applied topically. It’s known for decreasing pain and aiding in the healing of several injuries. Today, we’ll dive more into the incredible healing benefits of DMSO.


What is DMSO?

DMSO is short for “dimethyl sulfoxide.” It’s a colorless liquid that has the incredible ability to penetrate biological membranes, including the skin. Interestingly, it was first discovered as a by-product of papermaking, since it is derived from Pine trees. However, this sulfur compound is naturally found in garlic as well.  

We’ll dive into the top DMSO benefits, but the ability to penetrate the skin is what sets this compound apart. Since it can penetrate the skin, DMSO can carry other small molecules with it. This opened up the door to ongoing research about how DMSO may be used for several health benefits.


DMSO Health Benefits

Scientists are searching for various ways to use DMSO for health benefits. As of right now, The FDA officially approves the use of DMSO for treating interstitial cystitis. Doctors may treat this chronic bladder inflammation by flushing DMSO into the bladder several times.

Researchers are still assessing the efficacy of DMSO as a topical lotion or pill. Some benefits of drinking DMSO or applying it topically may include:

  • Reducing bladder inflammation and pain.
  • Treating inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.
  • Treating side effects of chemotherapy (chemotherapy extravasations).
  • Increased healing of strains and sprains.
  • Healing scars, burns, bruises, and keloids.
  • Speed up herpes treatment by increasing penetration of the alpha-interferonointment.
  • Using DMSO on the face may be useful for treating ischemia, pain, and keloids after plastic surgery.

How to Dilute DMSO for Topical Use

Because of its incredible potential for health benefits, many people want to know how to use DMSO orally. Orally consuming DMSO carries more risks, and should only be used under medical supervision.

At Eider Herbal Village, we know how to dilute DMSO for topical use. Shop from our online vitamin supplement store in canada today for topical DMSO products.

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