Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Canada

Aromatherapy can help a wide array of conditions. It’s been said to help everything from mood to sleep to medical conditions and more.

But when it comes to aromatherapy, there are many potential essential oils to choose from.

Here at Eider Village, we offer many of the top essential oils for aromatherapy in Canada.

      What is Aromatherapy?

      The purpose of aromatherapy is not just to make your space smell good, but it’s to leverage the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. This strategy has been used for hundreds of years. When you inhale the essential oils via aromatherapy, they travel directly to your brain. Furthermore, your skin also absorbs them, which is important for essential oils that can soothe muscles.

          Aromatherapy Essential Oils

          Eider Village is proud to offer high-quality aromatherapy products in Canada. Some of our aromatherapy oils to check out include:

            Essential Oils for Aromatherapy in Canada

            Eider Village has a wide selection of aromatherapy oils in Canada. No matter what your goal is, you can find the best aromatherapy essential oils on our online supplement shop. Shop our online collection today to find the right aromatherapy products in Canada for your needs!

            Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Canada

            Camphor Oil 100 % 30 ml


            Lavender Oil (100% pure), 30ml


            Clove Oil 30ml


            Aromaforce Camphor Essential Oil, 15 mL


            Aromaforce Pine Essential Oil, 15 mL


            Aromaforce Rosemary Essential Oil, 15 mL


            NOW Lemon-Eucalyptus Oil, 30 mL


            Aromaforce Peppermint Essential Oil, 15 mL


            Aromaforce Lavender Essential Oil, 15 mL

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