What Age Should a Child Start Taking Vitamins

by Dental Marketer SEO on December 30, 2021

What Age Should a Child Start Taking Vitamins

Multivitamins are an excellent way to ensure that we get all of our daily recommendations for vitamins and minerals. 

Fortunately, companies now make multivitamins specifically geared towards the nutritional needs of children. This is especially important since children (especially picky eaters) may struggle to meet their dietary needs through food alone. 

You may have even heard your doctor recommend a multivitamin for children. 

But, at what age can a child take a multivitamin?

Let’s dive into the answer to “what age should you start taking vitamins?”

Age is Just a Number 

The old cliche “age is just a number” really holds true when it comes to supplements. The truth is that the need for supplements depends more on your diet and absorption than your age. 

Basically, different people will require vitamins at different times based on their personal diet and body. Furthermore, the supplements that are most often helpful depend on your body’s needs as well. 

That being said, doctors will rarely recommend that infants take supplements. When infants are still breastfeeding, it may be most helpful for the mother to take a multivitamin to ensure she passes down the necessary nutrients. On the other hand, babies nursed via formula already receive supplements via the formula. Still, in some cases a doctor may suggest a supplement for a baby or young child based on their needs.

What Vitamins Do Kids Need?

Most children can benefit from a multivitamin. Kids tend not to eat  a perfectly balanced diet, and even good eaters may need some help getting all of the nutrients they need. 

By the time kids hit adolescence, they typically need more calcium and Vitamin D than they may get from their diet. Calcium is crucial for bone and muscle development, and Vitamin D ensures proper calcium absorption. 

Multivitamins for Kids and Teens 

There’s no cut and dry answer for what age to start taking multivitamins. The best way to know if multivitamins can help your child or teen is to talk with their pediatrician and discuss any concerns. 

Ultimately, most kids can benefit from a multivitamin, and especially most teens! Shop for quality kids vitamins and Multivitamin For Teens Canada today at Eidervillage.com 

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