Alpha Lipoic Acid,  60 capsules
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Alpha Lipoic Acid, 60 capsules

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Alpha lipoic acid is another one of those fabulous antioxidants that our body naturally produces. With the amount of free radical exposure in our regular life increasing every year, our need for antioxidants goes up and up. Supplementing with ALA can help you recover from or get ahead of the damage of life.

As a sulphur-containing molecule, ALA is found and works away within our mitochondria - the little power stations in our cells. It is required for the digestion and absorption of nutrients and using them to create energy.

Working both as an antioxidant and a regenerator of other antioxidants, ALA helps us reduce oxidative damage from free radicals on many fronts. Helping to regenerate coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and glutathione keeps excess ageing, inflammation and arterial damage down. This all helps decrease cardiovascular symptoms.

ALA has been studied for its role in blood sugar regulation. This in turn helps with insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and its symptoms, and metabolic syndrome.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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