Pascoe Legapas 45mL Oral Drops
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Pascoe Legapas 45mL Oral Drops

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  • TRADITIONALLY USED AS A LAXATIVE – Cascara Sagrada is a plant that has been used for centuries as a laxative and as a support for bowel and digestive function. It is an integral part of traditional medicine and continues to be effective in modern populations.
  • CASCARA SAGRADA – Cascara Sagrada (rhamnus purshiana) is a type of buckthorn bark that is used as a laxative, bowel tonic and bitter. It is a gentle tonifying laxative that is used to help support and stimulate bowel function. It has been shown to be safe when used occasionally, for acute constipation.
  • EASIER TO TAKE COMPARED TO PILLS – Legapas is available as a liquid in an easy to take formula. The liquid makes it easy to take on its own or in a mix of water, tea or juice. This makes it easy to dose for challenging populations such as elders or children who have trouble with taking pills. This also makes it extremely beneficial for travel.
  • NATURALLY-SOURCED MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS – Legapas contains naturally sourced medicinal ingredients from the bark of the cascara sagrada plant. These pure, medicinal grade extracts are used to ensure the highest quality action in the products and are standardized to the part of the plant that promotes bowel function.
  • GENTLE STRENGTH LAXATIVE – Cascara Sagrada is a gentle acting stimulating laxative. It works slower than other simulating laxatives like docuset and senna, promoting the function of the bowels and intestines while also supporting these systems. It provides timely relief of constipation.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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