Do Vitamins Expire? Is It Safe to Take Expired Vitamins?

by Dental Marketer SEO on October 25, 2021

Vitamins and supplements are an increasingly common tool for people to make up for dietary gaps. 

Now, there are many different options for quality vitamins to take. There are women’s vitamins, men’s vitamins, multivitamins for kids, prenatal vitamins, and many more. Understandably, sometimes they can create quite the collection in your cupboard. 

This leads many people to ask, “do vitamins expire?”

Today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about expired vitamins, including answers to questions like “how long are vitamins good for after the expiration date?”

Read on to find out more about vitamins and expiration dates. 

Do Vitamins Expire?

First thing’s first, do vitamins expire? Simply put, yes, vitamins do expire. 

However, the way vitamins expire is not the same as your food. 

The expiration date on food is for public safety. Anyone who has tried taking a swig of spoiled milk will understand! In all seriousness, expirations for food are about when the food is safe to consume. After the expiration date, food can perish and be harmful. 

Most vitamins do not have perishable ingredients. When vitamins expire, they are not harmful like expired food. Instead, it means the nutrients are degraded. Therefore expired vitamins are not as effective. 

Can you Take Expired Vitamins?

Based on how vitamins expire, they are not usually harmful past the expiration date. So, can you take expired vitamins?

Technically, yes. It won’t do you any harm. 

However, you can’t count on them to be effective. 

Vitamin companies do not test the vitamins after they expire, so they cannot guarantee that they are effective. In most cases, this just means you may not be getting the nutrients you think you are from the vitamin. For prenatal vitamins, this does pose a hazard (as the folic acid helps prevent spinal defects), so you should only take prenatal vitamins that are not expired as taking prenatal vitamins is important for a healthy pregnancy.

Vitamin Supplement Store Canada

Are vitamins good after the expiration date?

They may not cause you harm, but they also may not deliver the nutrients they once did. 

Overall, it’s best to stick to vitamins and supplements that are not expired. 

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