Aromaforce® Bergamot Essential Oil
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Aromaforce Bergamot Essential Oil, 15 mL

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Bergamot essential oil is an excellent option for personal care. Many common toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes use this essential oil because of its pleasant scent and medicinal properties.


    Citrus bergamia orange trees produce bergamot oil. The oil is extracted from the rinds of the fruits that the tree produces. This oil was first used in Southeast Asia many years ago but now is used all over the world. It’s name, Bergamot, comes from its association with the town of Bergamo in Italy, where it is used a lot.

      Bergamot Essential Oil Uses

      This essential oil is well known for its scent and many uses. Here are a few of the most common uses.


        It has a soothing effect that makes it well suited for aromatherapy. You can leverage its aromatherapy properties in several ways:

        • Mix it with a carrier oil and apply it as a massage lotion.
        • Add a few drops to your cosmetic products (like shampoo or face wash).
        • Add a few drops to homemade candles or vaporizers.
        • Apply it to a handkerchief and bring its soothing scent with you.
        Essential Oil for Acne

        If you’re looking for essential oil for acne, Bergamot is a strong option. It is an antibacterial oil with anti-inflammatory properties as well. It’s commonly used in acne spot treatments and can help soothe painful breakouts.

        Note that it is not ideal for those with sensitive skin. You should always mix it with a carrier oil, and make sure not to wear it in sunlight.

          Hair Treatment

          Bergamot is an ideal essential oil for women, as it’s great for hair. Adding a little bit to your hair products can help soften the hair, which many people with curly hair find helpful. It can also help improve an irritated scalp. Simply add a couple of drops to your shampoo, or combine it with a carrier oil to use as a hot oil treatment.

          For high-quality, affordable Bergamot essential oil, look no further than Eider Village. We offer true, pure essential oils that have not been chemically altered. You can count on our products to deliver the maximum therapeutic value, as they are 100% pure and natural. Shop for Bergamot essential oil today!

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